Bug Push

Date of Origin: 1990s

Status: ACTIVE 

Bug Push originated due students who started gurney races down Yonge Street. This became a charity event of gurney races. From there, the Bug was added and turned into what we know today as Bug Push. A Bug is pushed around the Kerr Hall Quad for 24 hours straight to raise money for SickKids Hospital, with money being donated to the Terry Fox Run and Canadian Cancer Society in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

From October 1989 Ryersonian Article

As seen in the image below featuring the RESS president and Ryerson staff members, the tradition has been long standing and had a long history of donations to SickKids Hospital.

Provided by MECU from the 1990 Rampage

The bug used to be donated by Volkswagen until 2008, when they required an upfront fee, however this did not stop the event from occurring. Bug commissioners have been tasked each year with finding and/or refurbishing the bug to make the event a success. 

The event itself requires a large group, with tasks ranging from helping with injuries, pushing the actual bug, general safety, or cheering everyone on. There is always something for everyone to do and a great way to hype up spirit and donations. The event is also not limited to ryEng students. Often, students from other faculties, schools, provinces, and even staff members participate or donate to the cause. In recent years, Bug Push has continued to expand, including various events in them such as a planned patch auction and other cool ways to keep everyone excited.

The Bug and “Bug Squad” from 2016

Push The Post

In 2020 and 2021, Bug Push took place online as “Push the Post”. Instead of pushing the Bug around the quad for 24 hours, an Instagram post would be liked and shared on peoples stories for 24 hours. Every like and share on the post raised $1 for SickKids Hospital. Both events were a massive success with the 2020 event raising $7500 and the 2021 event raising $5000.

Push The Post 2020 Team:

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