Eng Leather

Date Of Origin: Old (at least 80s) 

Status: ACTIVE

Engineering leather jackets have been a tradition since the 1950s, if not earlier. They are one of the most widely known and best looking ways of showing your engineering school pride, and can be found from the Maritimes to the Rockies! They are worn by the most spirited of the engineers, and it’s very common for people to compliment you on your jacket, from fellow students to alumni to engineering students from other universities. Our jackets are properly initiated during our Jacket Night, which you’ll learn more about in November. The best time to get your jacket is in the fall semester, but if you miss that date there is typically a second order in the winter semester. So make sure you get yours!

Eng Leather


  • Jackets are typically black but can be made of any colour of leather
  • The jackets feature the wearer’s discipline on their left sleeve and ERTW or E4TW on the right sleeve
  • The chair of EngSOC receives a patch that they place on their right sleeve under ERTW or E4TW
  • Jackets are “initiated” at Jacket Night in November
  • People who receive their jackets for the first time are not allowed to touch their zippers or buttons until Jacket Night is over
    • Upper years with jackets like to take advantage of this
  • You can only beat someone else’s jacket after yours has been beaten.


  • It is bad luck to get your jacket in first year
  • It is bad luck to get your graduating year on your jacket BEFORE you graduate
  • You may think a fur collar looks cool, but it doesn’t.