The Baby Ram

Original Baby Ram

Date of origin: 2017

Status: LOST

The original “baby ram” was created as a travel mascot for ESSCO AGM 2017. It was commissioned by the then VP external Imad Ansari and made by the delegate team that attended the ESSCO AGM that year. The original was made with materials found around the RESS office at the time and as such was constructed with two hard plastic cups and a handle. 

During the final dinner of the AGM that year, in an attempt to gain bonus points in a Havenger Scunt for the event (and gain faster eating privileges) the guardian at the time left the mascot at a table under the watch of multiple (former at the time of writing) Ram guards. Upon returning to the table the “baby ram” had gone missing, the delegates later found out that the Waterloo delegate sitting right next to them had taken it and handed it off to another table. Additionally, in the confusion of trying to hide the mascot from Ryerson, the Waterloo delegates had it stolen by Carlton university delegates. Legend goes, to this day it is hung up in Carlton’s student society office, forever lost.

New Baby Ram

Date of origin: March 2020


The Baby Ram was commissioned for real this time in March 2020 by then VP External Alessandro Cunsolo and the External Committee. At this time, the Baby Ram committee was created under the VPX. All dimensions in the original design of the Ram were scaled down to be exactly 3 times smaller than the original in order to have the actual size of the travel mascot be 1/πth the size. Yes you read that right. No this is not debatable. While the original ram was designed to be a Keg, the remastered Baby Ram’s design was to be a flask, with material selection and interior spacing designed accordingly. 

As of 2021, the Baby Ram is still in developmental stages.