From MECU, 1993 Rampage

In 1992, the Enginooners made their debut in the ryEng community. The event has had a couple names, which include “SUPER FUN QUIZMASTER”, which is why the podiums are called Superfuns. At some point, the name officially changed to n00n3r!?. The event is held on the last Thursday of every month at noon. The n00n3r!? is a mix of a Jeopardy game and Japanese game show. The contestants compete to win useless points, and the winner earns bragging rights. The real winners of the n00n3r!? are the audience, as no participant ever really wins. 

Someone “cleaning” a superfun.

The n00n3r!?s are hosted by the Quizmaster which is a sadistic human who enjoys watching their peers do stupid things for points. The Quizmaster writes 5 categories with tasks or questions for the contestant to win. 

Rampage 1997, provided by MECU

The last n00n3r!? was held in February 2020. Due to the all events being online, the n00n3r!?s do not work as well as they used to in person. A few n00n3r!?s were attempted online and were not as successful as in-person ones. The 2021 EngSOC decided to cancel all further n00n3r!?s until we return to campus.