ORIGIN: unknown

STATUS: Active 

“Stickering” is the act of placing stickers in places, whether it be on Ryerson Campus, around Toronto, other universities or anywhere. At ryEng, we place the ryEng diamond stickers wherever we go. The rule is that you never cover another logo or sticker, but place yours above to establish a hierarchy. Other rules include, not stickering: 

  • Government Property 
  • Vehicles 
  • Humans (unless consent given) 
  • Wheelchairs/accessibility devices
  • Private property 
  • Bicycles
ryEng Sticker on pole near Leaning Tower of Pisa
Date and Location unknown
2015 CES Office
Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s Guitar Case
Consent from Car Owner given
Western University Logo with ryEng Sticker
Large Muskoka Chair at Western with ryEng Sticker
Western’s Undergraduate Engineering Society Lounge
Western’s Thompson Engineering Building, with it’s I’s properly dotted.
Traffic Light, Downtown Toronto, Frosh 2018

Current Highest Altitude verified of ryEng Stickers, courtesy of EngSOC Chair 2016, Edwin