The Khannon

Date Of Origin: 2015

Status: ACTIVE

The Khannon is Ryerson Engineering’s newest baby. Once upon a time, Ryerson Engineering used to have a fully functioning Cannon which would be pitted against the Ye Olde Mighty Skule Cannon ™ in “gnagbnags”. It was a blast. Sadly, those days disappeared in the pages of history… Until the EngSOC brought the tradition back with the Ryerson Engineering Khannon! 

As of 2015, the Cannon was named “The Khannon” after Zohair Khan, a cherished member of the ryEng community who worked for the Faculty of Engineering after his graduation and left the post in late 2019. The following information is taken from the 2015 report of Khannon Rules/Traditions. 

When in public, the Khannon must be chained to at least 3 people. Only the head Khannon guards and past Head Khannon Guards may hold and fire the Khannon, while all Khannon Guards wear purple hardhats. All certified Khannon users must wear black covies with specified patches, this tradition has been lost over the years and is not currently in place. The Khannon Guard uniform (hardhat and covies) shall not be altered in any way. There is a book which holds the complete history of the Khannon, and all Khannon Guards sign this book. 

Each year there should be firings at many events. Any event where the police chief, the fire marshal, the Dean or the President attend should have a Khannon firing. It should also be firings at the beginning and end of Bug Push, December 6th, Remembrance Day and the opening and closing of both NEM and Frosh Week. 

Once the Khannon is decommissioned, the Head Khannon Guard must drink a Billy out of the Khannon. For safety, the area around the Khannon must be 69 feet. Whenever the Khannon is fired, it must be followed by a ryEng chant. During events where both the Khannon and Ram are present, the Ram must be behind the Khannon at all times. 


In the event the Khannon is stolen or lost, or if someone attempts to steal it, it is every leaders responsibility to protect it or get it back. Then, the head Khannon Guard must clean the floor of Kerr Hall East with the Toothbrush. The Khannon savior will be written into the history book and made into a Khannon Guard if not already one, as well as receive a golden stripe on their purple hardhat. All Khannon Guards must be gas pedaled with Shannon the Cannon. The Toothbrush will have its own specially made wooden box for safekeeping. If the Toothbrush is ever stolen, the Head Khannon Guard must clean the floor of Kerr Hall East with the Ram wrapped in a towel, while being supervised by the Head Ram Guard.