The EngSOC

The EngSOC

DATE OF ORIGIN: 2016 (was OC before 2016)


The Ryerson Engineering Spirit and Orientation Committee or EngSOC was originally named “The OC”. It started as the “Orientation Chairs”. Eventually, a group of students decided to write a joke motion and call it “EngSoc” due to Engineering Societies using that name. Most other Engineering Schools that have a “EngSoc” mean their student society, ie, RESS at Ryerson. 

The 2016 EngSOC Motion created the 7 Chair/Coordinator positions that exist today. The 7 established positions are: Chair, Logistics Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Finance Coordinator, 2 Leader Coordinators and a Shinerama Coordinator. The details/outlines of the positions can be found in the RESS Policy Manual under Section 5.7. Basically, EngSOC as a whole selects new frosh leaders, runs social events during the year and plans and runs frosh week in August. 

The EngSOC are some of the most spirited and dedicated leaders this community has. Each EngSOC member wears a white cowboy hardhat. They also have a purple EngSOC nametag on their coveralls that goes above the left chest pocket. Based on the theme each year, the EngSOC also wear purple EngSOC Shirts showing off the theme and the EngSOC crest.

EngSOC Teams


Left to Right: Alessandro Quagliotto (Logistics Coordinator), Danielle Hill (Chair), Aaron Segal (Leader Coordinator), Aliyah Briffa (Shinerama Coordinator), Spencer Jakob (Finance Coordinator)


Left to right: Danielle Hill (Finance Coordinator), Megan Kosarnia (Shinerama Coordinator), Charlie Flieger (Leader Coordinator), Serena Alli (Communications Coordinator), Alex “Eggy” Kostas (Chair), Oisin Collins-Childerson (Leader Coordinator), Lucas Church (Logistics Coordinator)


Left to Right: Trestan Elsea (Shinerama Coordinator), Alex “Eggy” Kostas (Leader Coordinator), Brent Gebuza (Logistics Coordinator), Leah Roth (Chair), Jwalit Bharwani (Finance Coordinator), Gianluca Basile (Communications Coordinator), Phil Martins (Leader Coordinator)


Left to Right: Odin Alhers (Leader Coordinator), John Corkill (Chair), Leah Roth (Finance), Mathais Sawicki (Leader Coordinator)


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Joshua “Bucket” Kamaras-Garland (Chair), John Corkill (Logistics Coordinator), Madeline Sialtsis (Finance Coordinator), Matthew Smith (Communications Coordinator), Maxine McCurdy (Shinerama Coordinator), Shawn Scurfield (Leader Coordinator), Domenic Marchese (Leader Coordinator)


Original EngSOC Team

Back Row: Tyler Nagata (Leader Coordinator), Joshua “Bucket” Kamaras-Garland (Logistics Coordinator), Amir Zahedi (Communications Coordinator), Dave Alcivar (Leader Coordinator), Brandon Valdes (Shinerama Coordinator)

Front Row: Edwin Alegre (Chair), Zrinka Vlasic (Finance Coordinator)