The Ram

Date of origin:  Late 1980s 

Status: ACTIVE

1980-1990 Photo of The Hammer at Frosh week

The Ram is Ryerson Engineering’s Tool, and the official mascot of ryEng. It is the overly impressive metal hammer that is present at all ryEng events. The Ram is a symbol of the Ryerson Engineering pride and strength as a community. It was originally known as “The Hammer”.

The Ram was created sometime during the late 1980s, and is made of Stainless Steel and Iron. It also functioned as a BEvERage container, however due to an error in construction, the bottom has rusted out and caused a leak rendering it an ineffective container for liquids. 

The Ram entering the MAC, Frosh 2018

The Ram Guard are the protectors of the Ram. They are a group of extremely intimidating Frosh Leaders. The Ram Guard are identified by their blue hardhats with a plume on the top. The Head Ram Guard, who is the leader of the Ram Guards and the most responsible, intimidating, and Ram lovin’ person there is, wears a plume turned 90° on their helmet. The Ram Guard Helmets are the only hardhats that are allowed to be called Helmets. The misidentification of other hardhats will result in a gas pedal. To be a Ram Guard, each individual is put through a series of tests of strength and agility to determine the worthiness of becoming a Ram Guard. The tests are chosen by the Head Ram Guard. 

Head Ram Guard 2019-2021 with Ram and Golden Hardhat

The Golden Hardhat and President are also under the protection of the Ram Guard. The Golden hardhat, Ram and President are all under constant supervision of the Ram Guards. When out and about, the Ram Guard can be seen carrying, circled around, or in the immediate vicinity of the Ram, Golden hardhat and President. All three can usually be found at every ryEng event, most importantly Frosh Week! 

Ram Guard during purpling at Frosh 2018