Robot House

Date Of Origin: 2013

Status: ACTIVE

The Robot House Legend begins with a group of leaders in 2013 who rounded up the best froshies they could find with the purpose of creating the best frosh house possible. This house was named Robot House. 

The pop culture origin of Robot House is a Robot Fraternity on the show Futurama. Bender was a member of Robot House, and it is brought up in one episode (S1 E11, Mars University). Due to this, Bender Rodriguez is the mascot of Robot House and a part of the EngSOC logo. 

Robot House is now the leader house and the 7th house at every frosh. In the same way that outstanding froshies recieve a house flag, 7 outstanding Frosh Leaders receive a Robot House flag every year. (With the exception of 2020). 

The Godiva Hardhat/Award is a part of Robot House, and the 8th Robot House award each year. This award goes to an individual that goes above and beyond the call of duty, not only for Frosh Week but for the entire year. The recipient is awarded a Bronze Hardhat and a Robot House Patch. This hardhat is often mistaken for the Golden hardhat during Frosh each year by other faculties. 


Gianluca Basile, Lucas Church, Alessandro Cunsolo in 2019

2021 – Brandon Walsh

2019 – Lucas Church

2018 – Gianluca Basile

2017 – Alessandro Cunsolo

2016 – Minakshi Suri

ROBOT HOUSE (Not a complete list, please email if you have more information)

2021 – Nika Momeni, Max Maximenko, Diana Grace, Amir Abdi, Dire Ebegbulem, Yas Montaseri, Reyan Anwar

2020 – No Robot House awards presented.

2019 – Alessandro Quagliotto, Maya Rahaman-Noronha, Julian Riz, Danielle Hill, Megan Kosarnia, Levi Gregorash, Michael Giovino

Robot House recipients 2019 and past recipients

2018 – Tarab Shah, Alex “Eggy” Kostas, Jwalit Bharwani, Brent Gebuza, Anthony Cundari, Joseph Magnoli, Phil Martins

2017 – Leah Roth, Odin Alhers, Matt Sawicki, Adam “Syd” Belcastro, Tanzina Nowshin

2016 – Jonathan Licari