Zero Tolerance Control

Date Of Origin: 1987 or 1988

Status: INACTIVE (1990)

The Zero Tolerance Control or ZTC was a pranking squad active at Ryerson during the late 1980s and 1990s. It was founded by a group of Civil Engineering students who reportedly took no shit from no one. 

WARNING: Attempting to recreate any of the following pranks will likely result in expulsion from the University!

Famous Pranks:

From Humble Beginnings: The first known prank from ZTC was the placement of a 500 lb concrete barrier placed in front of the Journalism building (known as the RCC today). The ZTC became annoyed of the students writing bogus stories in the Ryersonian and decided to send a message

Merry ZTChristmas: The ZTC wanted to spread holiday cheer to the RTA students by dropping off a Christmas tree in their lounge made from reinforced concrete. This 1500 lb giant was designed to be so massive it wouldn’t fit through the door to the lounge. That meant the concrete had to be poured and assembled on site in the RTA lounge. The RTA students weren’t too happy when they found their gift!

ZTC Christmas Tree, 1990 Rampage, provided by MECU

SURPI Ballot Box: Two masked ZTC members stole the ballot box during election season from the Students’ Union of Ryerson Polytechnic Institute (SURPI). Once SURPI retrieved the box, it was filled with garbage and empty beer cans.

Long Lasting Erection: An I-Beam with ZTC inscribed on the side appeared one morning cantilevered off of the radio tower over KHE. The ZTC found an unlocked door leading to the roof and was able to carry an I-beam up to the roof. Using their brute strength and cunning minds, they were able to hoist it up the radio tower for all of Ryerson to see. It cost the university a considerable amount of cash to remove the I-Beam.

The Everlasting erection, Rampage 1990, provided by MECU