Mech Force 10

Date of Origin: 1980 (unconfirmed) 

Status: INACTIVE (2002)

The origin of Mech Force 10, also known as MF-10, is unknown. MF-10 was an underground group of 10 Ryerson Engineering students who pulled pranks on Ryerson University campus. Each year, new members were secretly recruited to join the group in black coveralls, black boots, sunglasses, black hardhats, black balaclavas, black gloves and basically any other black body covering that would make the 10 members unrecognizable. 

Mech Force 10 in 1980 (Kerr Hall East), provided by MECU

Over their active years, they pulled many legendary pranks on campus. All of MF-10’s pranks involved a Volkswagen Beetle in many different capacities. The Volkswagen Beetle was dubbed “The Bug”. The bug would appear as (mostly) whole, just a chassis, or a door. Over the years, there were many bugs as security usually removed the vehicle from its position and had it demolished. The organization was internally funded by its members. 

1982: Bug on top of quad
1982: Bug removal from quad

The Pranks: 

WARNING: this list is in no way a fully inclusive list of MF-10’s many pranks. Also, attempting any of these pranks will most likely result in expulsion from the university. 

When an elevator was installed in the Podium/Library corridor, just outside LIB 72, the group attempted to wheel a bug into the brand new elevator. However, the fenders were too wide to fit through the door. So, in a true engineering fashion, the group problem solved and still managed to pull off a prank. They set up a card table inside the elevator over their lunch hour. The four MF-10 members ate a bucket of KFC Chicken, and played poker for an hour. In February 2019, a descendent of MF-10 did something similar for their Frosh Leader Try-out. This individual placed a desk, a rolling chair and 3 stools inside the elevator. One person sat in the rolling chair, who was the dealer for Go Fish. The individual sat on one of the stools and welcomed three members of Ryerson’s EngSOC into the elevator. They began to play Go Fish and ride up and down the floors. The doors opened on the second floor of the George Vari Engineering Building and 3 more guests entered into the elevator with a large pepperoni pizza. The group continued to ride the elevator for almost half an hour, welcoming random strangers in and bringing them to their floor. The individual did in fact, become a frosh leader that year. 

In 1990, four members of MF-10 carried a bug up the stairs in the RCC building just before the 11am class change. They then placed the bug inside the walkway between Kerr Hall East and the RCC. Students, shocked, had to crawl through the bug on the way to their next class if they took said bridge. 

Mech Force 10, 1990 Prank of bug hanging off parking garage. Provided by MECU

Between 1989 and 1994, the group hung a bug off the brand new parking garage above the campus bookstore. They used a tow hook on a truck that was backed up to the edge of the parking garage. The bug was attached to the tow hook by a chain and hoisted from the ground at 2am one morning. Security found the hanging bug the next morning, and there are photos of this event. The Mechanical Engineering Course Union made a t-shirt out of the photo in 2019. 

1986: Bug put around pole on campus

In 1992, the group became upset with the university as some of the gates to the Kerr Hall Quad were constantly locked. The group cut a bug down the middle lengthwise and welded each half to either side of the locked gates. Administration was so upset with the group that all pranks had to be suspended for a long time. The university removed every bug on campus before the group had their chance to pull anything.

Bug welded to Kerr Hall Quad Gates (1992)

The group eventually came back together. In 1994, the bug was placed in a Kerr Hall staircase. This was the group’s first re-appearance since the 1992 incident. MF-10 played less pranks and unfortunately are currently undocumented unil the Oakham House sign was stolen in 1998 and replaced by a bug door spraypainted with “MF-10”. They slipped a letter to the administration saying to leave the door up for 24 hours and the original sign would be replaced. The university complied and the sign was replaced to its original position. 

Year unkown

The last possible recorded MF-10 prank was when a car was placed on the roof of Kerr Hall during the winter of 2002. It is suspected the culprit used a crane to lift the car onto the roof. Security did not enjoy having to remove it and wished they had the same amount of imagination as the culprit. 

unidentified? members of MF-10 before hanging car on parking garage in 1990. Rampage 1990, provided by MECU.

All known and unknown members of the last active MF-10 team have graduated. We have yet to see if they will return in full Force one day. However, some things are better left in the past. 

According to the Eyeopener: 

1980: a bug was parked at the base of the Egerton Ryerson statue. 

1981: a bug was placed on the walkway between Jorgenson Hall and Kerr Hall. 

1982: using a crane, the bug was placed on top of the facade in the Quad. 

1997: lamps across campus read “RYE ENG” 

2001: Stolen Ram in the Rye sign replaced with car door

There have been rumors of the bug going swimming in the RAC pool as well as the bug being placed in the Podium building. Another unconfirmed prank was the Kerr Hall clock in the clock tower lighting up one evening and the letters “RYE ENG” cast a shadow on the face. We have yet to find confirmation of these events. Many community members have made very public statements about the revival of Mech Force 10 in 2020-2021. 

Frosh 2014

The Fake MF-10 emerged during Frosh Week 2018, a group of unidentified individuals posed for a photo for the Golden Ram, entitled EngForce 8. They wore the white coveralls, yellow hardhats, and blue frosh 2018 bandanas over their faces. This instance was the group’s only public appearance. They have yet to conduct any further business.

EngForce 8: 2018