The Golden Ram

Date Of Origin: 1969 (but actually 1988)  

Status: ACTIVE

The Golden Ram is a satirical newspaper created by Engineering students to make fun of the Ryersonian and Eyeopener. Early copies of the newspaper faced backlash from both the Ryersonian and Eyeopener due to the content. During this period, the name “Lieopener” was coined. 

Lie-Opener stand

The Editor of the Golden Ram is dubbed the “Engitor”. They oversee the team of writers and combine all of the content to produce the Golden Ram. All current and past Engitors are noticeable by the Engitor nametag on their covies. 

Golden Ram ad in Rampage 1993, provided by MECU

Today, it is a method for Engineering students to embrace their creative side. From articles to memes to n00n3r!? Bingo, the Golden Ram has had a large variety of content over the years. The tradition is to release the Golden Ram at the n00n3r!? each month. Due to the pandemic that began in 2020, the Golden Ram has shifted to an online platform which now creates podcasts featuring various members of the community. 

Frosh 2019, September 2019, October (Halloween) 2019, January 2021, November 2020, January 2020 Golden Rams

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, The Golden Ram moved to an online platform, publishing articles and podcasts on Blog – REDI ( In the RESS Winter Wellness Kit of 2021, a paper copy of the Golden Ram was published.