The Knights of Gould

Date Of Origin: 2019

Status: ACTIVE

Facebook page: Knights Of Gould | Facebook

In 2019, University of Toronto’s famous Brute Force Committee (BFC) left a gift on Ryerson Campus in the form of a wooden horse. A letter accompanying the horse included a set of instructions stating that ryEng should fix our logo onto the horse and deliver it to another university. A team formed, entitled The Knights of Gould to complete the task. The brave Knights of Gould hauled the wooden steed onto its new home of McMaster University. 

Wooden Horse in Pitman Quad, 2019

In 2020, the Knights of Gould were once again called to action when Lakehead’s MooseHead was loosened from the grasp of Thunder Bay. Lakehead received a ransom note and a video showing their beloved MooseHead was well taken care of. The Knights of Gould assembled for a photo with the MooseHead that was featured on the cover of the Golden Ram in January of 2020.

Knights of Gould, with MooseHead, 2020